Chiropractic Care Denver And Active Release Techniques

By admin / March 25, 2017

Chiropractic Care Denver And Active Release Techniques To Improve Spinal Mechanics

Disc Degeneration is the process of wear and tear in the discs and it occurs naturally in everyone as we get older. Here you will read more detail about Chiropractic Care in Denver However the rate of its development is dependent on the stress we place on the discs from day to day, such as with our occupation, hobbies or injury.​

As the discs go through this ageing process they dry out and decrease in height, thus limiting their ability for shock absorption. This places an increased amount of stress on the surrounding bony structures, especially the local facet joints( joints in the spine), and results in facet joint degeneration and the formation of boney spurs (aka Arthritis). When in its later stages, disc degeneration can irritate nearby nerve roots creating sciatic-type pain (leg pain).​

Mechanism of Injury:

Typically acute injuries to the discs occurs with forward bending and twisting activities. However in most instances disc changes occur over a long period of time when the discs undergo repetitive microtrauma (small traumatic events)​

Active Release Chiropractic Care Denver

Things that could help:

The best approach to combating the changes associated with disc degeneration is a proactive one.​

​Keep Active

Anyone with Disc degeneration must do their best to maintain an active lifestyle which includes regular moderate exercise through walking, swimming or cycling. Training with light weights is also advisable as it will help strengthen the muscles and ligaments surrounding the joints, protecting from further damage. It is also important to perform core stability based exercises such as pilates and mobility exercises including stretching and/or yoga.​

Good Manual Therapy

such as Chiropractic and Active Release Techniques is vital to help improve spinal mechanics (increase spinal movement)​

Maintaining a healthy weigh:

Is essential and nutritionally the diet should be anti-inflammatory.​

An anti-inflammatory diet:

Is essential in lowering the effects of inflammation in the body particularly those nerves exiting the spine which can be irritated through disc degeneration.​

Common anti-inflammatory foods include turmeric, berries, flax seeds, omega-3-rich eggs, garlic, herring or kippers, olives, red onion, mackerel, pumpkin seeds,salmon and sardines.​

Typical foods that should be avoidedwere possible are those high in Arachidonic acid ( an omega-6 fatty acid) In the human body it comes from animal sources such as meat, eggs and dairy products.​

The most important of the Omega group is Omega 3 as it fights inflammation and by increasing it in your diet will help balance the ratio of omega3:6, remembering that omega 6 tends to be more available in western diets. Therefore additional supplementation would be advisable.​

Supplements for healthy discs and joints:

  • Glucosamine Sulphate ( greater than 1000mg per day)
  • Fish oils- Omegas 3,6,9 (Cod liver oil is not a pure enough source of fish oils)
  • Magnesium- essential mineral for enzyme activity and much more
  • Vitamin D

​These supplements are available in all good health shops.

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