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Saw Palmetto to Treat Acne in Teenagers

Saw Palmetto to Treat Acne in Teenagers

The constant battle with acne is widespread among young adults and teenagers. Almost anyone at some point in their teenage years has a horrific story to share about acne outbreak at the most inconvenient time. Let’s face it, acne doesn’t respect any skin type or a person’s age; however, more than seventy-five percent of every teenager is affected by this skin problem at some time in their life. A number of people even in their later years of adult life struggle with acne. Severe acne frequently leaves people with both facial and emotional scars.

There are a lot of circulating theories about acne development in teenagers, and often they’re informed that too much consumption of chocolate is a cause, as well as spicy and greasy kinds of food. However, these assumptions have not been revealed to have any important bearing to acne. On the other hand, researchers have established acne being caused by hormonal changes in the body’s system. Heredity is also considered as a huge factor for acne severity and type that a person has.

In recent years, with the growing popularity of Saw Palmetto, an herb increasingly used for the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia or BPH, a lot of superfluous assumptions have been made about the product treating other hormone-related disorders. These includes anecdotes about Saw Palmetto being effective for hair regrowth and diminishing unwanted hair, as well as treating high blood pressure, and acne. These propositions however, have not been scientifically studied and proven, and still needs further investigations.

For those planning the use of Saw Palmetto to treat acne in teenagers, should cautiously reconsider the decision. Although a beneficial reputation has been built for Saw Palmetto, it has not been clinically tested for acne. All of the theories are only based on hypothesis that since Saw Palmetto is a strong modulator for hormones, it can also be beneficial for the hormone-caused acne. One should be aware that Saw Palmetto has been categorized as a “dietary supplement” therefore the more reason to be cautious as it is means that it is “unregulated”.

More importantly, Saw Palmetto to treat acne in teenagers may in one way or another have side effects, whether mild or severe (good or bad), the probabilities of side effects are present. Saw Palmetto to treat acne in teenagers is not suggested as further studies should still be conducted for this use. Persons considering the use of Saw palmetto to treat acne in teenagers should discuss the matter with professional health providers for safety, before taking the option.